The term "party" in English may have different meanings, in some respects antithetical and others complementary. One can refer to a political party, to being part of something and to the will to celebrate opportunity. In all cases, this term always denotes an aggregating element. Whether referring to a single individual or to an extended group of people,
to be part of it choice or randomness, for sharing an ideology or for the sake of partying, this term it concerns us all.
It belongs to us and, in its etymological simplicity (from the Latin "partiri"),
represents the need that every human being expresses from birth: the need to share.
In other words, communicate.
The photographic project P.A.R.T.Y. (Pride And Revolution To Youth) is therefore born from the curiosity of investigate and know in depth those individuals who belong to the QLGBT community through which performers, DJs, dancers - in a broader sense artists - animates and represents the world of the night.
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